AC Drives

We are offering our clients, high performing AC Drives from POWTRAN TECHNOLOGIES, SHENZHEN that are appreciated for their international quality standards. AC Variable Frequency Drives are available in the range from 0.37 KW to 1000 KW with AC input voltage from 220 VAC to 1100 VAC. Apart from standard specifications; our AC Drives are also offered in customized options to suit the varying demands of our clients.

ac drives

Brief Specifications of AC Drives:

  • To become a market leader in plant automation solutions by using optimum resources and cutting-edge Technologies.
  • Integrate V/F control, V/F+PG control, Vector +PG control
  • 3 space voltage vector waveform produce methods
  • Dead compensate function, realize low frequency and large output torque control
  • Automatic slip compensation
  • 10 frequency setting modes, analog terminal can accept the signal of DC 0~10V, DC 0~20mA.
  • At most 7 steps speed control & 8 steps acceleration control can be realized
  • 6 Programmable output control terminals
  • Internal PID function, realize high performance closed loop control
  • Support feedback signal 0~10V, 1~5V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA.
  • PID regulates DC braking.
  • Speed Pursue starting & restart after momentary power loss.
  • Forced communication function, support standard RS485 & CAN Bus, supply remote keyboard control function.
  • Humanization display menus, Chinese liquid crystal display & LED display, display 3 state parameters simultaneity.
  • Special converse module (IGBT) temperature control function, adjustable fan control, timely reduces motor’s noise & temperature.
  • High efficient faults inquiry & record function, conveniently obviate the fault
  • Parameter protection function
  • Unique design, make frequency converter least pollution to the power
  • Understanding behaves in 3-Phase AC synchronous motor of permanent magnetism control.

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