Evans' Axiom™

With unmatched modularity, Axiom™ is our most versatile layout solution. The only console of its kind and capability, Axiom's durable building-block design allows the user to scale and accessorize in a way that is equal to any premium system on the market today.

The flexibility of the Axiom™ design allows it to meet almost any layout requirements and its unique modularity allows for future changes or upgrades with minimal product add-ons and expense. With its standard modules, the versatility of the Axiom™ allows it to meet the needs of virtually any control room environment. Whether you want to convert from a full-depth to a reduced–depth work surface, closed layout to an open slat wall layout, or even end a configuration on a corner, Axiom™ can accommodate all these types of layouts in just one console!

Axiom's unparalleled versatility is limited only by your control room needs. It is indeed the console of unlimited possibilities.

Design Features

Easy Configuration and Expansion - Axiom's unique design makes it easily re-configurable and expandable to meet your changing needs. The console can be changed from full depth to reduced depth, or even a desktop to double high with minimal add-ons. And unlike any other console in its class, the configuration can even end on a corner. It's so easy in fact that you can assemble your own consoles or change the room layout yourself!

Modular Design - The unique building block design allows for limitless layout possibilities, from a fully enclosed to an open slat wall layout – all in one console. With independent upper and lower modules, this flexibility can even allow you to place 24" and 48" upper modules independently on a 72" lower module.

Structural Strength - An injection molded polymer structure and sheet metal stringers ensure incredible strength and durability to meet all the day-to-day rigors of an intense environment.

Easy Equipment and Cable Access – Unlimited front and rear access is provided through hinged doors, gas piston-assisted hoods or removable equipment fronts. All processor shelves and equipment fronts are designed with a quick release system to allow for easy removal. Raceways are built into the lateral structure with multiple access ports to allow for effective cable management.

Contemporary Aesthetics - Created with a contemporary appeal, Axiom's cutting edge cladding design and molded contoured work surfaces are augmented by a rainbow of standard color options and different work surface styles, as well as an unlimited array of custom finishes including optional wood veneer.