Engineering services

Integration for your system does not need to be complex and time consuming. With Protection Plus Drives Start-up Services, you can leverage our extensive product and industry experience to quickly commission drives and reduce the time between integration and actual machine operation.


  • Reduce time between integration and actual start-up
  • Provide a cost-effective alternative to internal start-up resources
  • Improve drive operation
  • Reduce risk of performance problems and premature equipment failures
  • Improve labor cost forecasting (thru fixed cost of services)
  • Provide extended parts and labor warranty to two full years
  • Verification of proper drive and motor installation, control and power wiring, and AC voltage and distribution network
  • Power-up, drive checks, grounding checks and setup
  • Custom drive configuration/tuning to meet specific application requirements
  • Adjustment of operating parameters for optimal performance
  • Documentation of drive and motor nameplate information, application information, drive settings and operating parameters
  • Extend an eligible product parts warranty and add a labor
Ensure results with our industry specialists

Whatever your situation, Genisys Engineering has the expertise to meet the most demanding project milestones. We use advanced, field-tested solutions to ensure short project cycles and high quality. And we keep you informed at all times during the engineering phase.

We offer:
  • Consulting
  • Project planning, basic design and project specifications
  • Electrical engineering and software design
  • Construction engineering
  • Plant modifications or modernizations
  • Engineering support for new plants
  • Documentation
Improve quality and reduce cost
Involving Genisys Engineering and concentrating on your core competencies
  • Allows your personnel to focus on other critical needs
  • Lowers your costs by bringing in engineering expertise when and as needed
  • Increases efficiency by leveraging our innovative solutions and methods
Power System Engineering - We Deliver Total Power Solutions

Power System Engineering

Take advantage of our unmatched range of professional services

Genisys Power System Engineering services result in Total Power Solutions. We perform consulting, analytical study and specialized field service to fit your needs. By improving power quality and system efficiency, you can reduce your energy costs.

Our Professional Engineers and certified technicians can assist you with:

  • Equipment Applications Engineering
  • Short Circuit & Protective Device Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Grounding System Design & Analysis
  • Power Quality & Harmonic Surveys
  • PQ Issue Mitigation
  • Energy Management and Efficiency Projects
  • Transient Stability Study
  • Installation Design
Avoid potential equipment and regulatory issues

Comprehensive Power System Engineering by Genisys can help you avoid potential issues such as:
  • Failure of equipment and interconnection systems due to sustained overloads
  • Failure of overcurrent devices to properly interrupt faults, causing equipment and facility damage
  • Failure of upstream equipment to survive through faults due to inadequate momentary ratings, causing equipment and facility damage
  • Possible regulatory agency enforcement liability if application and setting deficiencies are not corrected
Use our real-world experience to optimize your power system

Our Professional Engineers and certified technicians will help you:
  • Maximize system reliability & availability
  • Improve safety for employees and sub-contractors
  • Optimize system performance
  • Improve power quality
  • Extend equipment life cycles
  • Reallocate maintenance resources to core business needs
  • Protect sensitive electronics
  • Reduce operation, maintenance and repair costs
Leverage our expertise in manufacturing and construction

Our team brings real-world experience to your facility. Plus, we have the expertise to deliver Streamlined Power System Construction Studies (PSCS) according to the Division 16000 specifications included in most construction projects. That means we can:
  • Verify selected equipment before release for manufacture
  • Determine protective device settings for selective coordination
  • Provide setting tabulations for commissioning
  • Verify applicable code requirements
Contact GENISYS Today

To get started, contact your local GENISYS representative. A Power System Study Engineer will perform your studies and provide initial data for approval. After receiving your equipment release from manufacture, we will finalize the studies for site use.