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Instant Redundant capability
Advanced control algorithms with Autotune Secure Redundant recording at point of measurement setpoint programming Extensive features – for example Zirconia probe and frequency inputs.The T2550 PAC is a high performance solution from Eurotherm offering extremely cost effective redundancy options with integral recording capability – capturing the vast control and recording expertise and reputation that Eurotherm has built over the last 40 years. This powerful instrument is capable of logic and sequential control, recording and set point programming, combined with its powerful array of specialist features is designed to maximise the return on investment (ROI), and ensure the maximum availability of, your process. Eurotherm has brought innovation in simplicity to this latest automation product, the T2550 PAC. Hot swap modules, auto I/O build functionality, a personality flash card, clear status indication and an intuitive toolset all make the T2550 simple to use, install, engineer and upgrade. Fitted with E-Sync technology (Eurotherm’s easy synchronisation functionality), engineering a high availability solution with redundant processors and networking couldn’t be simpler.

Maximise process uptime with redundant capabilities
Dual redundant processors at the touch of a button Redundant recording Redundant logic and sequential control Hot start capability Personality flashcard – reduce MTTR and simplify application updates The T2550 PAC brings high availability with affordability and, utilising E-Sync technology,minimises engineering costs, shortens time toimplement and simplifies lifetime maintenance.Using T2550 reduces engineering costs and its high availability maximises your process uptime. In its duplexmode it offers redundancy of processors, power supply,recording and network at a price performance level that has never been seen before. The controller/recorderredundancy is automatically commissioned – simply plugthe additional processor module into the redundant base and initiate the E-Sync technology with a single buttonpress on the front of the unit. During this process all filesfrom the primary processor are copied to the secondary to allow the secondary processor to mirror and monitorthe primary. No special cabling or engineering isrequired to configure a secondary processor.Changeover to a secondary controller is automatic withuninterrupted control and bumpless transfer of communications and process I/O. Replacement of aprocessor or I/O module can be done with the power onand initialisation is automatic. These powerful featurescombine with the very high MTBF of the system’s I/O andpassive backplanes to provide extremely high systemavailability.
T2550 also supports online reconfiguration for modifying or enhancing the existing configuration while stillcontrolling and monitoring the process plant. With support for adding and hot swapping the I/O modules, active strategy components can be modified to support system enhancements and improve the lifetime availability of the plant.

T2550 PAC designed for simplicity
Simple toolset Multiple T2550 PACs can be viewed and configured via a set of easy-to-use PC tools. Context sensitive help,
graphical configuration, auto generation of I/O database and an Explorer style network are all designed to make engineering of this advanced product quick and simple to implement. Plug in, hot swap modules “Try before you buy” mode Personality Flash card Windows graphical configuration Advanced PID control with auto tune Online re-configuration Cost Effective I/O System Universal modules reduce spares requirements No need for signal conditioners – TC, PRT, mV, mA, V all supported Hot swap modules Auto I/O configuration High resolution and accuracy Simplify cubicle construction with direct connection of field devices T2550 PAC offers a variety of base sizes supporting a wide selection of I/O modules.  This versatility ensures that you get the closest and most cost effective match to your application requirements. Instruments are available supporting 4, 6, 8 or 16 modules. The modules available include: Universal Analogue Inputs including Transmitter Power Supply –TC/RTD/mA/Volts/Resistance Analogue Output – Volts/mA Digital Input (contact and logic) and AC – Volts Digital Outputs – Logic and Relay “Try before you buy” It is sometimes difficult to know the boundaries of what is needed for all of the functionality required when engineering a solution. “Try before you buy” gives the user flexibility to build a solution to exactly the requirements and select the software options used when the solution is working. The process can be enhanced and added to throughout its life time.

Online reconfiguration
Online reconfiguration provides a useful foundation for enhancement of the deployed control system and allows modification of the systems application software when it is running. You can add and delete function blocks and wires to create a new or improved control strategy for your application while the process is running. You can then try and untry the strategy to ensure it is correct for your application before finally applying.
A choice of IEC 61131 languages gives the user the ability to select the most appropriate method of programming for the I/O type or application required: Function Block diagram, Sequence Function Chart, Structured Text, Ladder Logic Control.

Flexible, Creative Solutions
Secure acquisition for business critical data “Store” with Redundant data recording “Forward” over Ethernet communications Electronic logging of process values Designed for 21CFR Part 11 electronic records FTP push to up to three servers Time synchronisation across the network A unique feature of the T2550 PAC is secure redundant data recording. This allows data, alarm information and messages to be recorded at the point of measurement, with all data being time stamped as it is recorded, satisfying regulations such as the FDA 21CFR Part 11 or Nadcap.
Secure data recording is always important, and in many processes is vital to the end product. Using the redundant processor and power supply capabilities of the T2550 PAC not only records data but can mirror it into a secondary processor. This ensures that as long as the process is running secure data is maintained and is available over the communications network. If communications is lost for any reason the data is still available for forwarding when communications is restored ensuring that any holes in the supervisory visualisation software are closed to provide a complete picture of the process.
With up to several months of data stored in the internal flash memory Data can either be pushed over FTP to primary, secondary or tertiary servers – effectively providing a secure infinite archiving capacity. Data can also be pulled into multiple sources where it is needed for batch, process and analysis reporting, and forms the primary source of data archive for the FDA or similar. When the T2550 is used with the Eurotherm DCS solution any loss in communication causing gaps in data at the top end system will automatically be filled in from the secure files at the instrument when communications is restored. Software such as “Eurotherm Review” can acquire the data for back up and inclusion in a database, viewing, printing or for report preparation and publication, with packages such as “Dream Report™” from Eurotherm.

Distributed and Integrated solutions
Whether a standalone or a plant wide solution, the T2550 PAC offers high performance with flexibility of scale, distribution and integration to suit the requirement. It provides peer-to-peer communications and units can be distributed throughout the plant with simple configuration from a single database. A wider, integrated solution can be provided using Modbus RTU, TCP or Profibus communication to other products and systems. Standalone, unit solution Plant wide, distributed solution with reduced engineering Plant wide, Integrated solution with powerful communications Eycon™ 10 and Eycon 20 Visual Supervisors Eycon 10 and Eycon 20 visual supervisors are advanced HMI panels, each offering an integrated, colour, touchscreen display. They both offer accurate continuous and sequential control and have an open network architecture providing connection to the T2550 PAC and other 3rd party devices. The Eycon 10 and Eycon 20 are easy to use yet have many advanced functions including: Data recording with advanced online and historical data trending Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Comprehensive Batch Control Recipe Management Multi-Setpoint Programming Alarm and event management USB port for data archiving to USB memory device Standard and custom displays to match the process Comprehensive security features for user-based controlled access T820 HMI The T820 is a graphic display unit with integrated keypad for operator data entry. It is ideal for use with the T2550 (in simplex or duplex mode) to provide a cost effective local HMI.Advanced Feature Set

Wide range of standard and advanced function blocks
Alongside the wide range of standard function blocks such as system blocks, I/O blocks, Timers, Counters, and maths blocks, there exist others, such as a powerful suite of diagnostic blocks that can be used to commission fault T2550 and analyse network performance. Standard blocks such as the PID control block with advanced control algorithms capable of Heat / Cool and Valve positioning control, in harmony with advanced control and application blocks such as “Pump Duty / Standby” make engineering complex control systems simple to configure yet powerful, robust and reliable. Function Block Libraries (Continuous Database Function Categories) I/O – Analogue and Digital Input/Output, manual Override Conditioning – Dymanic Signal-Processing Control –Analogue Control, Simulation and Communications Timing – Timing, Sequencing, Totalisation and Events Selector – Selection, Switching, and and Alarm collection Logic – Boolean, Latching, Counting and Comparison Maths – Mathematical Functions and Free-format expression Configuration – Instrument Identity Blocks Diagnostics – Diagnostic Blocks

Setpoint Programmer
Many applications have a need to vary the process value over time. One in particular, temperature control, often needs to ramp the process from one level to another and perhaps maintain that value for a set period using a set point program. The T2550 PAC has the ability to run multiple set point programs, up to 32 segments in each, following pre programmed values for up to 8 analogue values and 128 digital. Configured using either a PC based setpoint programmer wizard, or the Setpoint program editor software within LINTools configuration software or integrated into a system with Eycon 10 or Eycon 20 Visual supervisors, the setpoint programmer.