Evans' Modular Command View™

  Display wall system offers you the ability to support a fully integrated control room audio-visual environment.

With unique engineered wall solutions able to house one of three different standard display technologies - Rear Projection Display, Projection Cubes or Individual Monitors – it offers unparalleled compatibility to meet all your requirements.

Custom designed to fit your particular environment, each Command View™ system is manufactured to match the architecture and color scheme of your room and can be finished to integrate perfectly with your console furniture. Its compatibility with most standard audio-visual display options gives you the freedom to choose and change technologies when needed.

As yet another dynamic product in Evans' comprehensive control room solution portfolio, the Command View™ modular display wall is an integral and impressive addition to any control room environment

Design Features

Rear Projection Display Wall - This system offers superior projector handling through an electric-assisted lift system and universal equipment mounting to accommodate most industry standard, off-the-shelf projectors. Seamless screens ensure flawless images across modules while its flexibility allows you to reconfigure or expand whenever operations or technology changes. Its uniquely engineered design allows it to support up to four (or more) vertically stacked screens in required configurations.

Projection Cube Display Wall - Custom designed to fit the specific off-the-shelf projection cube used, the modular base structures allow for unlimited layout flexibility, including straight-line cubes as well as optional miters for different angled configurations. The base structure is designed to accommodate additional equipment and can be serviced easily through various customized access options. Its design also allows it to support four or more vertically stacked cubes in required configurations.

Monitor Display Wall - Tailored to fit your desired display layout, module configuration and preferred technology, this solution is able to accommodate your equipment of choice - plasma screens, standard closed-circuit security monitors, rack mounts- and create a customized center that is fit to your requirements of viewing height, curvature and room layout.

Modular Flexibility – Each system incorporates a flexible modular design allowing a number of floor configurations as well as tier levels to meet your control room needs. This flexibility also allows you the ability to combine different media into one custom designed viewing center.

Custom Finishing - Each of our Command View™ wall systems is offered in a variety of standard laminates and optional wood veneer finishes to match your control room décor and help you create a showroom quality, integrated control room environment

Evans' modular Command