Evans' Strategy™

Console has been specifically designed for technology-intensive control room environments such as telecommunication and transportation centers, process control and anywhere where an open desktop solution is preferred.

It provides flexible and comfortable workspaces that allow its users to focus on critical decision-making.

The user-friendly design of the Strategy™ is aimed to help improve workplace effectiveness through a number of innovative options and features combined with a durable structure and aesthetic flexibility. With an efficient and versatile cable-management system that is designed to accommodate technological upgrades, this desktop solution can be easily relocated or reconfigured to suit your changing needs.

Design Features

Functional work environment - Designed for fast-paced, technologically intense environments, Strategy™ has been ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort. With options such as adjustable work surfaces and rounded polyurethane nosing, its durable design provides ample workspace with a minimum desk footprint.

Equipment Mounting and Access - Strategy™ easily accommodates computer equipment with a variety of processor shelves, including standard fixed or slide out shelves or optional roll out shelves. Standard front and rear hinged and optional sliding access doors ensure easy access, while convenient open cable trays allow uninterrupted runs between desks.

Versatile Rear Slat Wall - Fully functional slat wall, in 6", 12" and 18" standard heights, allows for mounting of flat screen monitors and various accessories while effectively hiding monitor cables. Walls can be shared for back-to-back configurations and if required, can also be removed to achieve a fully open-desk concept.

Modular Structure – Maximum flexibility is realized as standard modules can easily be added or relocated as required. Supporting a full range of layouts and room configurations, Strategy™ can be transformed from a single to back-to-back option, mix various module lengths to utilize space more effectively, and even offer an enclosed solution where desired by the client.

Contemporary Styling - The open work surface structure provides a clean aesthetic look and the Strategy™ is offered in a wide range of durable exterior laminate finishing (with HPL and wood veneer options) to harmonize with any environment