SCADA / RTU Upgrade Equipment

Central Control Center

The Central Control Center includes two independent Primary and Standby Workstations with one E-Z Link Communication Unit (ECU). Optional redundant hot standby ECU is available. The ECU manages data from remote stations and performs time synchronization for both the remote stations and the Central Control Center. The workstations run on a Window 2000 platform communicating on a dual LAN network using IEC-870-5-104 protocol.


Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

The Fortune RTU, or E-Z Link Communication Unit (ECU) is a microcomputer based modular system, consists of a universal Communication Unit (CU) and an Intelligent Controller Unit (ICU). The ECU served as a data concentrator of a distributed system, also capable of executing all controlling functions following commands sent by the central SCADA.

The ECU performs the following tasks and functions:

  • Interface with all available devices within a distributed substation using a library of protocol drivers exclusively provided by Fortune Automation, Inc.
  • Data acquisition with noise filtering
  • Building the unified database of the entire distributed system
  • Deliver data and receiving commands to and from the central SCADA using IEC-870-5-104 standard protocol
  • Performs GPS-based time synchronization
  • Manage data communication tasks between all local devices and central SCADA
  • Manage and deliver system configuration to all devices
  • Executing interlocking functions
  • Generate status information of all data transmission channels
  • Controlling automatic, event-operated output channels
  • Executing application-oriented exclusive tasks
  • Managing Registry of all maintenance status information
  • Protection against malfunction
  • Event-generation with 1 ms accuracy time stamps
  • Controlling simple or combined relay outputs
  • Controlling Permissive Indicating signal of the Manual-Control isolators
  • Perform analog measurement with significance-control \ Control local mimic diagram on the mosaic panel
  • Database generation
  • Peer-to-peer communication and building respective database internally
  • Executes algorithms of special automatic function
  • Self-diagnostic
Data Channel handling by the ECU
  • HP HFBR 1523 / 2523 serial fiber optic channels
  • RS-485 serial bus system
  • RS-232 serial line directly or with modem
  • 20 mA current loops
  • Ethernet network connection
  • PCMCIA memory card for off-line data sending
  • Glass based fiber optic line with bayonet-joint