Mosaic Monitoring and Control Panel

The mosaic mimic system is the most economical, safe, and easy to be re-configured solution for the industrial process monitoring and control functions that often requires necessary changes as system expands

Fortune Automation utilizes the Subklew SM24 mosaic board and other elements that are produced by Supteam in Germany, to manufacture the most flexible and easily modifiable control panel for all our customers, especially the customers that are within the process industry. This economical solution requires minimal time to accomplish, and customized graphics are fully definable by the customers.

The mosaic tiles are engraved and painted to provide a display and presentation that is unique to each customer's requirement.
The major benefit of using mosaic panel is the unforeseen future expansion that requires modifications. Devices can be added or removed per demands of the users, and always maintains its high quality appearance and accuracy.

When safety and security operation are crucial, a control desk screen and a small wall or panel mounted display can provide significant speed and comprehension when operators are under pressure handling unexpected real time events.

If required, a combination of static and dynamic viewing information can be achieved by using projection or LCD screens and LED matrix display installed within the mosaic board or elsewhere inside the control room. These combined techniques can provide an enhanced dynamic facility.

SCADA System


System Functionality:

  • Data communication between Central Control Center (CCC) with E-Z Link Communication Unit (ECU) from remote substations or local Substation Management Systems.
  • Full color graphic HMI provides comprehensive visual information
  • Alarms System shown Active Alarm window and Alarm Summary windows, Color scheme and audible feature configurable to associated signals.
  • Event Logging and Data Booking system
    1.Time stamp with 1 ms resolution.
    2.Complete filtering system with 4 pre-configured filters: Detailed, Operator, Protection, and Alarm Event Log.
    3.Event filters by name, object name and time period.
    4.Event Report generation
  • Trend-figures of analog values
  • Comprehensive Reports administration
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • Security system includes:
    1.Four log-on modes: No User, Operator, Manager, and Supervisor
    2.Four-level Password protection
  • Easy-to-make task redundancy
  • Colored topology depending on present voltage of the circuit
  • Alarm-direction within the figures
  • Automatic execution of the pre-loaded switching order
  • Maintenance timing
  • Permission and forbidding of alarm groups