Soft Starters

Our Product Range also includes wide range of Soft Starters, from POWTRAN TECHNOLOGIES, SHENZHEN. These products are manufactured with high reliable production/technology and have proved performance across the globe and are in wide demand in the market.



  • 5.5 KW to 500 KW and 220 VAC, 415 VAC and 550 VAC.
  • Advanced five kinds of startup modes: Voltage slope startup mode; current limiting startup mode; trip and current limiting startup mode; trip and increase voltage startup mode; current slope startup mode; double close-loop startup model.
  • Braking mode: voltage slope soft braking and free braking.
  • Main circuit is 3 lines input and 6 lines output, which can realize automatic monitoring
  • Programmable delay startup mode, programmable interlocks control and programmable malfunction junction point output

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