Evans' Alaris™ TRACON

It is designed specifically for mission critical operations such as in airport Terminal Radar Approach Control facilities and meets strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements

The Alaris TRACON emphasizes controller ergonomics, ease of access to equipment and a design that facilitates human traffic around the consoles, the Alaris™ console also provides the durability required for a 24/7, high stress operation. Its innovative design, unbelievable flexibility and unique range of TRACON-specific features surpass the Air Traffic community's highest expectations.

Designed in partnership with Evans‹ in-house engineering team and industry experts, the Alaris™ console carefully considers the sightlines, reach distance, and equipment placement to improve controller comfort and flexibility, ensuring the integrity of the controller tasks. The turret and desktop design are configured to accommodate technological and operational changes, and can be removed or interchanged between modules as the need arises.

With Evans‹ strong commitment to the Air Traffic industry, you can be assured that the Alaris™ will meet even your most demanding Air Traffic Control room needs.

Design Features

Unique Low Profile Sightlines - Optimizes sightlines to ground and air traffic and is ideal for any environment where clear operator sightlines are important. The structural design also allows for the ability to support multiple displays to increasing viewing angles as required.

Modular and Reconfigurable - The Alaris™ is built to upgrade. Its modular frame ensures easy reconfiguration and can easily accommodate various equipment and system requirements. Its industry unique flexibility also makes the Alaris™ suitable for either work surface insert, CRT, or flat panel monitors.

Rugged 24/7 Design - A modular steel and aluminum internal structure ensures the Alaris™ can withstand the rigors of 24/7 applications while the durable high-pressure laminate work surface ensures strong aesthetics are not compromised.

Innovative Turret System – Designed to be versatile, Alaris™ has an innovative rail-mounted turret that can be repositioned anywhere along the span of the console to accommodate operational change and improve operator comfort.

Easy Equipment Access and Upgrades - Flexible interior design accommodates various equipment and system requirements including service lights, ground bars, jack boxes and quick-release rack mount rails. Equipment is easily accessible from both the front and rear for servicing and upgrades.

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